JM & Sons Piano Movers

With over 30 years experience, also fully insured and family run, having us move your piano is the best Insurance money can buy. We also use specialised equipment that no other piano mover in Melbourne uses. Example: Grand piano skids and a full size hydraulic tailgate that is large enough to fit the largest of concert grand pianos. We specialise in local piano moving, difficult access, stairs, grand pianos, uprights, organs, harpsichords and pianola’s.

Ben Briggs Piano Tuning

My name is Benjamin Briggs. I am a piano tuner technician with 18 years experience. I started my piano tuning services with the intention to provide a highly professional, individually tailored experience for Melbourne and Victoria. I work on instruments new, old and very old. I have been around pianos from my earliest memories, growing up in a very musical household. I am very thankful for the time I have spent with senior technicians over the years. Without their help I wouldn't be in this job I love. I have been fortunate to take Steinway technician training courses and to be an authorised technician for Steinway Australia. I am also a member of the Piano Tuners and technicians guild of Victoria and APTTA. I work for pianists of all levels, from beginners to professionals. I tune for recording studios and theatrical music companies, music teachers, professional musicians, the National Trust, concert halls and arts centers. I go where the music takes me. I work alongside other industry professionals to provide an excellent service experience.

Shaun Catchpole Piano Services

I learned to tune at Newark and Sherwood College in Nottinghamshire, U.K. for 3 years, then moved to Bristol where I was based in a workshop and learnt more skills. After then I moved to Melbourne and have been working self employed for the last 17 years. I currently tune pianos for Schools, Universities, Churches, Concert halls and Private customers in Melbourne and parts of Victoria. Training and Qualifications:

  • City & Guilds (London)
  • Stringed keyboard instrument manufacture, 1995-1998
  • Newark Technical College Diploma, 1998
  • Steinway Academy (Hamburg), 2012
  • Steinway Australia Technician and Service training, 2018
  • Attended various Master-Classes, presented by World renowned technicians.
  • I have been tuning and repairing pianos since finishing school in 1995. Previously I had a musical background in singing, piano and bass guitar and still perform occasionally.
Years of experience: 24 Years Services:
  • Piano tuning
  • Repairs and Servicing
  • Piano Restorations
  • Player piano servicing and restoration

EPG Piano Warehouse

The EPG Piano Warehouse is a division of the Exclusive Piano Group, a business formed though the partnership of Lindsay Fox AC and Mark O’Connor. The aim of the EPG Piano Warehouse is to offer the best pianos and customer service possible, no matter what your budget. An important point that sets EPG Piano Warehouse apart from all other piano businesses is that all profits received from the business by Lindsay Fox and the Fox family, will be donated to charity, with an emphasis on supporting Music and The Arts in Australia. The EPG Piano Warehouse can offer the best entry level acoustic pianos and digital pianos, right through to the best hand made concert grand pianos in the world. Contact our huge showroom in Essendon, Melbourne now on 03 9374 2022.


Latest Piano Listings

Boston 156 PE –..

Beautiful baby grand piano purchased in May 2013. It was never moved, has been maintained and tuned throughout its time. Top condition - no scratch.

Surry Hills
Beale Upright..

First bought in 2003, very light use throughout its history. Excellent condition - almost unmarked.

Blackburn South
C.Bechstein A124 Imp..

C. Bechstein A 124 Imposant: a delight to see and hear, made in Germany. A mature and elegant piano with a large soundboard that ensures a powerful volume. The ideal proportions and the advantagous lever ratios of the action assembly provides this model with a delicate, precise and highly professional touch. A dynamic voice with a wealth of nuances and a powerfull bass register. The ideal instrument for ambitious pianists. KEY FEATURES Dimensions: 124cm (h), 151cm (w), 62cm (d) Finishes: Black and Mahogany Pedals: 3 Made in Germany by C. Bechstein (Est 1853) PRICE: $ Depending on exchange rate, always the best price given in store. For more than 165 years, C.Bechstein's exceptional craftsmanship, distinctive transparency, responsive touch, and lyrical, singing voice have inspired history's most legendary artists. Now the legendary voice of the Bechstein has arrived in Australia-with a range of fine quality, European-made vertical and grand pianos to inspire the accomplished concert artist, the serious musician, the aspiring young student-any discerning music lover who can truly appreciate a piano that is so incomparably expressive, it's like having an orchestra at your fingertips.

Ivanhoe East
C.Bechstein A190 gra..

C. Bechstein Academy A 190: A parlor grand piano with a professional profile The C. Bechstein R&D department developed the premium Bechstein pianos taking into account the brand’s great tradition. Accordingly, all Bechstein instruments stand out not only for their wide dynamic range and noble voice, but also for their fantastic, professional-quality action that boasts special hammerheads made by C. Bechstein, Germany. An incredible wealth of nuances! C. Bechstein Academy A 190 parlor grand piano: your gateway to the magic of the Bechstein world. Professional manufacturing The Bechstein pianos are manufactured in Germany taking into account the latest discoveries in the field of material technology. Long-term testing performed at the C. Bechstein production site determines the effect of even the slightest alteration of the original design, so that every acoustic assembly corresponds exactly to the targeted ideal. Nothing is left to chance thanks to automatic communication between the various machines, while manual post-processing of the action and acoustic assemblies make a jewel out of every A 190 parlor grand piano. Bechstein: the epitome of durability, beauty of sound and playing comfort. Several DVDs are available that illustrate the unique production processes used in manufacturing Bechstein pianos. Bechstein instruments are tailored to the needs of demanding piano players, and have been inspiring music lovers the world over for more than 160 years.

Ivanhoe East
C.Bechstein M/P 192..

C. Bechstein Concert Finest nuances, outstanding action, wonderfully colored voice. A breath-taking parlor grand. High-end piano hand-made in Germany An instrument with a marvelous singing voice made for professionals and advanced piano players. A mid-sized yet very powerful parlor grand piano, the C. Bechstein Concert A 192 model is made to meet the requirements of music conservatories and demanding piano players. A professional action and a lyrical voice with wonderful colors, singing treble, powerful bass and perfect register transitions make the C. Bechstein A 192 irresistible. The C. Bechstein A 192 model is a versatile parlor grand piano that boasts all the manufacturing details typical of a concert grand. Although this model meets the requirements of recording studios and music conservatories, its convenient dimensions and sound volume make it just as suitable for playing at home. A jewel of a parlor grand piano The mid-sized C. Bechstein A 192 parlor grand piano is ideal for finishes in noble veneers or marquetry that make it a feast for the eyes. Don’t hesitate to ask your dealer for veneer samples and special finishes. Like all C. Bechstein grand pianos, the durability of the A 192 model is world-renowned and stems from manufacturing processes that involve a wealth of craftsmanship and last for several years. Rest assured that your children and grandchildren will love your A 192 as much you will. Its membrane-soundboard-system, for example, retains its excellent tension and vibration characteristics for decades. Ask your dealer for an in-depth presentation of the system developed by C. Bechstein for managing the sound and energy cycle of the soundboards hand-made in Germany

Ivanhoe East